beSearch stands for business engaged search recruitment. We engage executives and specialists.

We look beyond traditional networks and conduct traditional search. We are creative both in following our existing candidates and in searching for new talent.

Sometimes that perfect match is waiting to be found in the most unexpected place.

Executive Search, Specialist Search and Search for Interim Consultants are conducted in the same way and we have extensive networks within all areas.

If you require us to conduct a personality test we have chosen to work with Hogan as they work well with our competency based interview technique.

beSearch Case examples

Senior Vice President and Managing Director of EMEA

Our client is a global organisation with HQ in the US. We were asked to help them find their manager for EMEA and due to changes in their market they chose to look for a different profile than the previous manager.

We conducted a large search, yet discreet, and had to be very selective and thorough when we contacted interested candidates. The search was done in all European countries and we presented relevant and interesting candidates to our client to choose from. This candidate and client will be part of a 12 months on-boarding program to ensure success of this important placement.

Head of Quality & QP

Our client is a large global pharma company and our job was to find relevant candidates with a large focus on good leadership, as the group was large.

We conducted a search by contacting existing candidates as well as using our network. To find out more about their leadership experiences we had “leadership” as one of the competencies we interviewed the candidates on. We presented four relevant candidates to our client, who was very pleased with the quality of the candidates, and the successful candidate fulfilled most of the requests in the candidate profile (the wish list).


Our client was well established but in a changing market, and needed a CFO with experience of production to contribute with knowledge and input to the management team.

After several meetings with key members of the organisation we set the profile and did a wide search. There was a long and challenging list of key experiences that the successful candidate needed in order to meet the needs of the client. We looked at different industries and companies within manufacturing.

We found several suitably qualified candidates, but the client ultimately chose based on a character and attitude that would make the difference to the company. We looked at the whole of the candidates’ lives and career and found this person had an interest outside work that had shaped and formed their personality in a way that made them ideal for this job. So the key was not only the work related aspects, but the personality of the candidate.

QA Manager

Our client’s company had just been purchased by a larger company and was now adapting to fit the new organisation. Our task was to find a person to lead the QA department with the seniority and personality to deal with cultural changes after the merger. Our search was local but wide; we needed to find a person with leadership experience who could further develop the department.

We presented our client with several candidates that matched the profile but the successful candidate had that extra experience that was needed in the future of the company.

Global Head of Marketing

Our client started our first meeting by saying that this is not an easy project! It seldom is! We needed to find a person with global experience within sales and marketing and experience of managing personnel in different parts of the world. The successful candidate had to be very business minded, with great drive and experience of working globally.

Our search went global and we looked at companies and industries that were close to our client’s own industry. As the search was global we were very stringent in ensuring the candidates fulfilled all, or more, of the profile requirements. After many calls and meetings we found candidates that fulfilled the clients needs.

Specialist Case examples

Product Manager

Our client is a smaller Med-tech company that is expanding and needed to employ a new position for them, Product Manager. As this is a small company the successful candidate for this position has to fit in, and contribute, to the culture of the smaller company. We therefore had to not just search for a person with the right background, we also had to make sure this person was the perfect match for this particular company.

We presented three relevant candidates and after a difficult decision, difficulty to choose due to good candidates, the client chose a successful candidate.

Black Belt Six Sigma

We were asked to find a person experienced in Black Belt Six Sigma who had worked in an international setting. Our client was global and has production at several global sites and the strategy was to have one Black Belt expert at every site. They are very difficult to find so we were not limited to the industry, the priority was Black Belt seniority, and this was also our challenge. We looked in many industries within companies that had international business and owners. By turning over many stones we found a good selection of candidates for our client. The successful candidate had previously worked internationally and wanted to do so once again. The timing was right and we called just when the candidate was ready to move.

Business Controller

Our client needed a resource for their organisation – a person that could support the Business Unit Managers in following up their units and businesses. The client’s business was well established and global but they needed expertise at the head quarters, so we had to find that expert locally. Our client was open-minded about specific industry experience, but wanted someone that would bring new ideas and expertise. We looked at industries closely related to our client’s and found good and relevant candidates. One person in particular was from a totally different industry, but had very relevant experience. Our client was brave enough to stick to their original thought and employed the candidate furthest from their sector, who brought useful experience to the organisation.

Key Account Manager

Our client had tried to recruit to this position a year before, using a headhunter that did not succeed in presenting candidates who matched the profile. We knew this would be difficult as the combination of experience and skills was unusual. Our client was large, global and active in a market that is rapidly growing. Our challenge was to find local candidates that could fit in to the global organisation and culture, and at the same time focus on the local key accounts. We did a large search and interviewed many candidates to find the right experience, mind set and attitude. This resulted in a candidate presentation where we presented several candidates that our client found interesting and who matched the profile.

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